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Are you interested in the ECC?

There are all sorts of ways in which you might be interested in the ECC, whether you are a worker, an employer, a trainer, educational institution or a regulator.

If you are an individual worker...

you might be interested in the ECC as a way of showing what you already know about work in the care sector, or you might want to find out how to study and get the Certificate in order to help you find work at home or in another country.

If you are an employer...

you might be looking for workers who already have the ECC as a way of finding out who knows what they are talking about, or you could use the ECC exam to test for knowledge and attitudes in the selection process, or you could offer to train workers to get the ECC if they will come and work for you. 

If you are a trainer or an educational institution...

you might want to offer the ECC because workers will find it a useful thing to have. You could include it in your current courses (at no cost) and offer your learners an extra award as well as demonstrating that your courses do cover the essential knowledge all worker will need.  You might want to get your training course(s) approved as being 'ECC Compliant' to help your marketing efforts.

If you are a regulator...

you are always looking at ways of checking on the quality of a service and this always means finding out how well trained the staff are. Having the ECC will be another sign that the individual staff member has the basic knowledge needed to work safely in the sector. You could suggest that an unqualified staff group sit the ECC exam as a way of demonstrating their knowledge.

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