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In which countries is the ECC available?

The ECC is available in the countries listed below. For more information about how you can do the ECC in these countries please scroll down the options at the top left of the screen and choose your country. More Lead Partners and new countries are joining the ECC in the current project.  If your country is not there yet and you would like the ECC to be available in your country, please contact us.







Czech Republic














United Kingdom

Agencies supporting the ECC in the UK

Social Care Training Ltd

SCT was set up in 2014 as a specialist training agency focused on learning disability and training for support staff in general social care - especially at the entry level of care workers- whihc is the largest and least supprted section of the workforce. SCT is the Lead Partner in the UK for the ECC.  For more information email:



The Association for Real Change ”¨(ARC) is a UK wide umbrella charity representing the interests of around 350 service providers who support people with a learning disability in the UK. A major part of its role is the promotion of education and training  amongst the workforce in the sector.  It also promotes best practice, service diversity, and represents the views of providers at a local, regional, national and European level. ARC believes that people with a learning disability should be enabled to be in control of their own lives to the greatest possible extent and that all services should promote rights, inclusion, choice and independence throughout the EU. 


ARC  originally proposed ”¨the idea for the whole ECC project.”¨  ARC was also the Project Co-ordinator for the CCFC project which ended in October 2011.

For more information visit the ARC website: 



The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) ”¨is a registered charity and was established by Government in 2001 to improve social care services for adults and children in the United Kingdom.  Its aim is to identify good practice and help to embed it in everyday social care provision. ”¨SCIE does this by:

      - disseminating knowledge-based good practice guidance

      - involving service users, practitioners, providers and policy makers in advancing and promoting good practice in social care

      - enhancing the skills and professionalism of social care workers through tailored, targeted and user-friendly resources.

SCIE”™s work supports the whole range of social care services for both children and adults. It covers physical, sensory and learning disabilities, older people's services, fostering and adoption, substance misuse and mental health.

For more information visit SCIE's website: ”¨ 






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