Results to date

At the end of the project (October 2011) more than 2,150 people held the European Care Certificate spread across 16 countries and this number is rising all the time. The ECC has been officially recognised in Romania and in the Czech Republic as a suitable qualification for care staff. We anticipate that more approvals will arrive as the momentum behind the ECC develops and the European Qualifications Framework begins to function fully across the EU.


By October 2011 we had data on more than 3,500 exam candidates on our central database in Brussels. We had also added four new conuntries to the ECC project (the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) and shortly hope to add another. Both these acheivements exceeded our original project targets and they are a clear indication of the widespread support for the whole idea of the ECC and recognition of how it meets a clear training need in many countries.


We have developed an online version of the ECC exam in addition to the paper based version. This is now available and can be adapted to add new languages as needed. 


We are expanding membership arcoss the European Union and continue to seek new countries to join.


We are expanding delivery partners in current member countries, so as to ensure the strongest possible deliver group within any nation.


The ECC has its own permanent Board, which oversees development and is planning for the progression of this project once this phase comes to an end in 2011. The Board is constitued as Standing Committee of EASPD and so has a permanent link into the main provider representative body in Brussels. EASPD also provide the registar function for the ECC Board, holding central records for all those that succesfully complete the examination.

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