Working in Ireland

     In Ireland, health and social services are funded by the general tax system, but public, private and voluntary organisations all play a part in delivering services. For example, residential care for older people is mainly delivered by public and private providers, but there are a small number of voluntary providers. In contrast, voluntary providers are the largest group delivering services for individuals with disabilities. Laws requiring the registration of health and social care professionals have recently been introduced. Under these laws 'registration boards' will be set up for a number of professions, including 'social care worker', and individuals will need to register with these boards in order to work as social care workers. However, a registration board for social care workers has not yet been set up and this means that, as this time, there are few formal qualification requirements to work in the care sector. Nonetheless, as there are usually many people applying for jobs, a qualification or experience or both would be expected by many employers. Information on the Irish qualifications framework and international equivalences can be found at In addition, good spoken English is often valued by employers.


Though each care sector (for example, children or older people) will have different requirements, all people that wish to work in the care field in Ireland must be Garda (Irish Police) vetted and information on this process can be found at Two things are important for you to know before applying for Garda vetting (1) - a person can only apply for Garda vetting through a registered organisation. This means that you cannot apply directly to the vetting unit yourself, rather you must apply through the organisation you would like to work for (2) - the Garda vetting process can take some time and usually takes longer where a person has lived in another country (this also applies to Irish nationals that have lived outside Ireland for six months or more after the age of 15 years old). This means that if you have lived in a country other than Ireland, it is a good idea to get police vetting in that country (or countries) before applying in Ireland, as this will help to reduce delays.


The Citizens Information Board provides detailed information on many areas, including employment, money and tax and living in Ireland - see

Information of Visa requirements can be found at the Department of Foreign Affairs website-

Information on registration of Health and Social Care professionals in Ireland can be found at -

The Health Service Executive is the main employer for health and social services in Ireland and its website is -

The Irish Associiation of Social Care Workers is the professional body for social care workers in Ireland and can be contacted through -


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