What is the ECC?

The ECC has been developed as a basic entry certificate in the care sector. It was initially devleoped through a Leonardo Da Vinci project from the European Commission that end in 2008. A further project, again funded through a Leondardo Da Vinci project from the European Commission, sought to expand the ECC throughout Europe. This project ended in October 2011 and the results can be viewed on the Results link. 


The ECC  provides employers with evidence that the holder of the certificate understands basic knowledge required to work safely in the care sector.

It covers knowledge for workers starting out in the care sector and can be delivered through work-based training, a single short course or as part of a larger and/or longer course.

The vision for the future of social care in the EU is that anyone who is working in social care services in any EU state will be able to study for and pass the ECC exam, sharing the same values and knowledge base in their work, creating a common foundation in care services across all of the EU. Employers will then be confident that the worker shares the same value base and has the right knowledge of the basics in social care. The ECC will improve employability and worker mobility in a sector where the majority of workers have little or no training or recognised qualification in care at entry level. As such, the ECC will provide millions of care workers across the EU with a way of having their knowledge recognised and independently assessed. 

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