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What is the ECC?

In every country in Europe there are many people who need care and support because they are old, frail, sick or disabled.  Every country has different systems for meeting these needs, but in doing so they rely upon a largely unskilled and untrained workforce (about 20 million workers across the EU and growing) which is increasingly mobile. 


The vision behind the ECC is to provide that workforce with a shared set of values and the basic knowledge to do their job safely.  The ECC is based upon the central importance of the person using the services as the focal point of all activity.  It uses a right-based approach, in line with the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and rejects the old medical model of care where the service user is a passive recipient of medical treatment.


In short, the ECC will give all care workers across the EU the chance to learn the basic knowledge they need, to have their learning recognised and to share a common approach across the EU to the provision of care and support.


The ECC has been developed as a basic entry certificate for workers in the care sector.  it started with a Leonardo Da Vinci project in 2006 and is now part of a Transfer of Innovation project from the European Commission ending in 2011 extending it to 14 countries. 


The ECC  provides employers with evidence that the holder of the certificate understands the basic knowledge required to work safely in the care sector. It covers the knowledge for workers starting out in the care sector and can be delivered through work-based training, a single short course or as part of a larger and/or longer course.



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