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What is the BESCLO all about?

The 'BESCLO'  stands for Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes.  These are 'learning outcomes' - ie things which a worker or student knows and can apply.  In the ECC this means that a worker or student has the basic knowledge which all care staff need in any country of the EU and has shown in the ECC exam that they can apply that knowledge correctly in a number of realistic workplace scenarios.  (The exam is not an assessment of observed correct performance by a worker.)


The BESCLO was agreed by all the participating partners in the first LEONARDO project and was tested and found to work. Employers and workers confirmed that the things covered in the BESCLO were all relevant to their role as a care worker and helped them work safely.  


What are the areas of knowledge covered in the BESCLO?

The BESCLO provides evidence of knowledge in the following main areas:

- The values of social care
- Promote life quality for the individuals you support
- Working with risk
- Understanding your role as a care worker
- Safety at work
- Communicating positively
- Recognise and respond to abuse and neglect
- Develop as a care worker

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